Steve Donaldson – Team Founder
Phoenix, Arizona – Headquarters
(602) 819-0119 – Phone Team Cause – Team website – Email


Team CARD was founded by Steve Donaldson. Steve was a former 2003/04 USA Track and Field 400m National Champion. Steve competed in the 2004 Olympic Trials where he suffered a severe hamstring injury ending his career.  He started cycling for rehab and eventually found his calling. Steve started Team CARD, a cycling team made up of elite athletes who do more than just race their bikes. Team CARD'S mission is to promote education and awareness about bicycle safety. There are far too many cycling deaths each year that could possibly have been avoided if both driver/cyclists knew the traffic laws as they pertain to bicycles. Team CARD'S funding is provided through memberships and donations through its Non Profit organization Cyclists Against Reckless Drivers.